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About Us


Vineburg Machining, Inc.

The company was established in Sonoma, CA. in 1977. Today, VMI has expanded its production facility in Carson City, NV. to better serve their clients. What separates VMI from other machine shops is that we have over seven 5-Axis CNC machines and we are using robotics which will greatly improve overall efficiency and sophistication of machining processes.                                                                               

VMI has proven experience with multiple industries and sectors utilizing Kanban, Consignment, JIT and SOMI. At VMI embracing technology is a must, this is why we employ the use of sophisticated software that directs scheduling, in-house operations and tracking so that our clients can be updated on a moments notice.  Production demands require that we operate 3 shifts as well as weekends when needed. 

VMI fabricates to the highest quality standards. Our customers receive reliability, predictability, performance and quality through their entire project’s fabrication schedule.

The result is outstanding finished product, from the material sourced, to complete documentation.

Experience matters!

Supplying high quality, high tolerance machined components since 1977 to the most demanding industries in the world.

As businesses grow, so do its challenges. Increasing volumes create bottlenecks and congestion; while the capacity shortage has everyone scrambling.  Our goal is to help you eliminate this and create a manufacturing solution that works.  You are just a click away from seeing your concept become a reality, contact us today to find out how!

VMI utilizes up-to-date CAD/CAM programs that support a variety of file formats making it easy for customers and our staff to communicate during the design phase.

Our system at VMI accepts all versions of electronic drawings, prints and designs such as:






3-D Modeling Services Available!
Contact us for more information on how we can help with modeling your upcoming projects or for helping engineer a new product line for machining.

Industries Served:

Medical, Military, Automotive, Commercial, OEM's, Architectural Hardware and Aerospace Components to name a few.

Machining Specialty:

VMI has gained experience in the manufacturing of machine gun components as well as machining castings.  

Prototype to Production Machining:
Planning to develop a new product or idea begins with a proverbial light-bulb moment; that “a-ha!” sensation when inspiration hits, and something either entirely unique or an innovative twist on an existing idea materializes. But unless you have your own job shop at your disposal, chances are you’ll need to partner up with a manufacturer to turn your product idea into a reality.  That's where we come in. Contact us today and find out how to get started!

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